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CDISC Controlled Terminology web services

CDISC Domains / Standards Versions Web Services

CDISC SDS/SDTM Variable Web Services

LOINC to CDISC Mapping RESTful Web Services [NEW! LOINC SARS-Cov-2 to CDISC-MB mappings and LOINC-CDISC-VS mappings]

LOINC RESTful web services

RESTful web services for UCUM unit conversion, validation and use in CDISC

RESTful web services to retrieve and update CDISC, FDA and PMDA rules as XQuery
from the "Open Rules for CDISC Standards": an open, vendor-neutral, human-readable and machine-executable representation of CDISC and FDA rules for SDTM.

We have developed a good number of RESTful Web Services for use with CDISC standards

These web services have been developed as early prototypes for the CDISC Library Web Services (formerly known as CDISC SHARE web services).
An explanation about the relation between our web services and the CDISC Library Web Services is found on the page "Differences with the CDISC Library API RESTful web services", also explaining why existing users of our CDISC-related RESTful web services should gradually move to the CDISC Library Web Services If you think an important web service is missing, please let us know, and we will try to develop it.

Several of these services have been implemented in the Smart Submission Dataset Viewer, but you can of course use them in any software application that you want using RESTful web services.
Also see our blogs at blogspot

If you have any suggestions for other web services which have to do with CDISC and CDISC Controlled Terminology, please let us know.

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