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XML4Pharma LOINC to CDISC Mapping Web Services

We are currently developing a good number of RESTful Web Services for interfacing LOINC, the universal code system for medical lab tests, measurements, and observations, with the CDISC SDTM standard

These mappings and especially the RESTful Web Services implementing allow automated generation of SDTM datasets from EHR systems, as was demonstrated during the Virtual CDISC European Interchange.

The following RESTful LOINC-CDISC-SDTM web services are currently available:


This RESTful web service currently implements the DRAFT (CDISC Public Review February 2020) LOINC-CDISC-LB mapping. Please take into account that the web service uses a preliminary version of the mapping! As soon as the final version of the mapping is published by CDISC, the database behind the RESTful web service will be updated.


providing the SDTM variable and values corresponding to the LOINC code 1751-7: Albumin [Mass/volume] in Serum or Plasma

LOINC Corona Virus Tests to CDISC-SDTM-MB Mapping

This mapping has been developed in the scope of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic for the new LOINC test codes on Corona virus. It should enable researchers with access to data from EHR systems to fully automatically generate SDTM-MB (Microbiology) datasets directly from the EHR records, as these are usually coded using LOINC. These new LOINC codes are now already used my a large number of test manufacturers

The mapping has been developed by us in close cooperation with the CDISC "Interim User Guide for COVID-19" team, but is not part of the User Guide itself.
Please remark that the mapping is NOT an official CDISC project!

Resulting in:


A list of the prerelease Corona test LOINC codes that is covered can be found here.


Special thanks to Amy Palmer, Jon Neville (both CDISC) and Erin Muhlbradt (NCI) for the many discussions and suggestions.

  • LOINC to CDISC-SDTM-LB Extended Mapping

  • The LOINC to CDISC-SDTM-LB mapping published by CDISC is limited to the most used 1400 laboratory LOINC test codes, resulting in over 2300 mappings.
    But what if your LOINC code is not among these 1400? Revert to manual work?
    We have developed an algorithm to extend the published mappings with approximately 6,000 additional mappings. As these mappings are algorithmically derived, it can however not be expected that they are of the same high quality as the by CDISC published mappings. They can however help in generating a "first proposal" for the SDTM variables and values in the case the LOINC laboratory code is not among the 1400 one.
    The RESTful web service will be made available as soon as CDISC has published the final version of the LOINC to CDISC-SDTM-LB mapping and we have implemented the algorithms on it.

  • LOINC to CDISC-SDTM-VS Mapping
  • We are currently working on a mapping between the LOINC vital signs test codes and the CDISC-SDTM VS (Vital Signs) domain.
    This is a major effort that will take considerable time. We don't think CDISC will develop such a mapping as there is no FDA requirement to provide VSLOINC in SDTM submissions. We do however regard such a mapping as absolutely necessary for those who want to automate the generation of SDTM-VS records from EHRs that use LOINC coding, such as most systems that have an

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    If you have any suggestions for other web services which have to do with LOINC, UCUM, CDISC and CDISC Controlled Terminology, please let us know.

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